Drawing finally DONE!

Continuation from my previous post.
Shading really KILLED ME!!... I mean... My sleep.
My will started on Monday.
From picking my images & reference to research on how to draw. Nothing came out oTL
Tuesday, still picking 8'D and I chose this : http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/513128
Wednesday, draw & slack 8'D
Thursday, clean & retrace. Then shade till Friday 6am.
Today, continued & done by 1.30pm.

Well, I'm glad with the outcome. But still a lot can be improved.
However, if I were to improve, I'll feel like bullying the others *giggles*

Now all I need to do is to wait all the contestant's photo being submitted to the album,
and start voting. Prepare for the spam >) *evil smirks*
I'd rather spam this contest than the one in cosplay contests.

Hope you'll support me!! Thanks a lot!!!

Seriously My First & Will be My Last


SHADING CAN MURDERS!! *looks at all the details*
It BLINDS my eyes, DESTROYS my brain cells, and IMMOLATES my hand nerves 8'D

Thanks to 寂寞 who wants me to join the contest too 8'D
Even I myself never know I can do this shit... oTL
My first time so serious... and... It "WILL BE" the last one 8DDDD (If you get what I meant...)
(PS : When is the deadline btw?? I forgot -.-;;;)

And that's all thanks to CLAMP influenced me since small x_x
Reference image : http://gallery.minitokyo.net/v​iew/513128

16th July 2011 3.30am

Did a simple Chinese word typography design days ago.

Here I would like to share it with ya~ Do click on the dA link below for full view =)
16th July 2011 3.30am
3.30am I am suppose to sleep...
I have to wake up early to work later on 6.30am...
But my rage was giving me this idea inspiration & I couldn't stop thinking about it too...
This is like a diary but designed in typography way.

Please do ignore me on what I've posted.
And never ask me what did I wrote.
I will not translate. Sorry & thank you.

The typography was designed with Photoshop CS4 by Me.
In an hour of worries.

PS : Imma rushing an Original Character drawing...
... for some little contest that was dragged by my sis's friend...
I wonder, why did her friend look for me instead of my sis? (they are friends, right?)
My sis draws too... Well... Not really (if you get what I wanna say)
Hopefully I can remember to upload it to this blog 8'D

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Just Communication by Two-Mix | Shin Kidousenki Gundam Wing OST - Operation 1
Rhythm Emotion by Two-Mix | Shin Kidousenki Gundam Wing OST - Operation 4
(classic is always good~)

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