Hoegaarden by shawn2death
Hoegaarden, a photo by shawn2death on Flickr.

This will be my last spam here.

PS :
Thanks to certain cat *coughs*

Cat 02

Cat 02 by shawn2death
Cat 02, a photo by shawn2death on Flickr.

Another photo of the photogenic cat~


Cat 01 by shawn2death
Cat 01, a photo by shawn2death on Flickr.

It's been another long time I've been here.
Finally I've uploaded some photos into somewhere not FB.

What a photogenic cat~

Happy Valentine 2012

Happy (late) Valentine!
Sorry for the late upload as I missed out this when I was busy updating my FB, deviantArt, Sina Weibo & Plurk.

May you & your couple last forever with love
As for the single, Happy Valentine for friendship & family!

Here's a little design specially for valentine!
Hope you'll like it =)

Image belongs to Clamp: Cardcaptor Sakura Artbook.
Manipulated by me.

Image also available in :
Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=3278124519746
deviantArt : http://shawn2death.deviantart.com/art/Happy-Valentine-2012-284868802

Re-post : 20 Myths About Becoming a Pro Photographer | by Improve Photography

I really really love what they wrote in the article so hereby, I'm sharing it with you guys!

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Thank you!

Drawing finally DONE!

Continuation from my previous post.
Shading really KILLED ME!!... I mean... My sleep.
My will started on Monday.
From picking my images & reference to research on how to draw. Nothing came out oTL
Tuesday, still picking 8'D and I chose this : http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/513128
Wednesday, draw & slack 8'D
Thursday, clean & retrace. Then shade till Friday 6am.
Today, continued & done by 1.30pm.

Well, I'm glad with the outcome. But still a lot can be improved.
However, if I were to improve, I'll feel like bullying the others *giggles*

Now all I need to do is to wait all the contestant's photo being submitted to the album,
and start voting. Prepare for the spam >) *evil smirks*
I'd rather spam this contest than the one in cosplay contests.

Hope you'll support me!! Thanks a lot!!!

Seriously My First & Will be My Last


SHADING CAN MURDERS!! *looks at all the details*
It BLINDS my eyes, DESTROYS my brain cells, and IMMOLATES my hand nerves 8'D

Thanks to 寂寞 who wants me to join the contest too 8'D
Even I myself never know I can do this shit... oTL
My first time so serious... and... It "WILL BE" the last one 8DDDD (If you get what I meant...)
(PS : When is the deadline btw?? I forgot -.-;;;)

And that's all thanks to CLAMP influenced me since small x_x
Reference image : http://gallery.minitokyo.net/v​iew/513128

16th July 2011 3.30am

Did a simple Chinese word typography design days ago.

Here I would like to share it with ya~ Do click on the dA link below for full view =)
16th July 2011 3.30am
3.30am I am suppose to sleep...
I have to wake up early to work later on 6.30am...
But my rage was giving me this idea inspiration & I couldn't stop thinking about it too...
This is like a diary but designed in typography way.

Please do ignore me on what I've posted.
And never ask me what did I wrote.
I will not translate. Sorry & thank you.

The typography was designed with Photoshop CS4 by Me.
In an hour of worries.

PS : Imma rushing an Original Character drawing...
... for some little contest that was dragged by my sis's friend...
I wonder, why did her friend look for me instead of my sis? (they are friends, right?)
My sis draws too... Well... Not really (if you get what I wanna say)
Hopefully I can remember to upload it to this blog 8'D

Listening to :
Just Communication by Two-Mix | Shin Kidousenki Gundam Wing OST - Operation 1
Rhythm Emotion by Two-Mix | Shin Kidousenki Gundam Wing OST - Operation 4
(classic is always good~)

Long Time no See

It seems like I don't really
have a spare time for this blog.
Not much photos are taken &
did not even have time for photography.

There will be one streets shooting coming soon...
on June's public holiday... oTL
Well, that's better than none =3

Hopefully I can update this blog after the shooting,
do it better than my old ones
& focus it purely onto photography.

Personal or random posts :  shawn2death@Blogspot
Purely art designing & photography : shawn2death@deviantArt

That's all for now...


ブラック ロック シューター
Black Rock Shooter
Figurine display from Hobby Densetsu, StarCity Mall, Kota Kinabalu.
No kidding.
This is ISO1600 orzzz
I'm failed at flash setup that day,
so I decided to go on high ISO.
However, no idea why, I'm falling in love with ISO1600.

This photo is also posted in deviantArt.
Hope you guys enjoyed it! =D

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